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Visit our Bozeman showroom for one of the area’s largest selections of high-quality, natural stone and specialty or manmade slabs. If you are looking for a custom solution, we can order what you are looking for from anywhere in the world.

Types of Slab Materials


This durable, low-maintenance stone is a favorite pick, and for good reason. Granite countertops provide a classic look that won’t go out of style. Sealing is only required every 5-10 years.

Durability: Extremely durable and resistant to scratching, cracking and chipping

Great for: Busy, high-traffic areas

Finishes: Honed, polished, leathered or brushed; it is easily customizable

Also consider: Quartzite, quartz


For a luxurious look, marble is a classic stone suitable for a variety of spaces in need of chic accenting. Keep in mind, this high-end stone also requires high-end maintenance. Regular sealing is required to avoid staining and etching.

Durability: Softer material than granite, it will scratch or etch with daily use

Great for: Lower traffic, specialty spaces (think bathrooms, breakfast nooks and furniture pieces)

Finishes: Honed and polished

Also consider: Quartzite or onyx


Made from engineered stone, quartz is durable and fuss-free. Thanks to the special manufacturing process, customers can choose from a wide range of colors and varieties, meaning greater customization for your next space. This maintenance-free material is stain-proof with no sealing required. But watch out for direct contact with high heat, as this material can scorch or melt.

Durability: Stronger than granite and more flexible, making it less likely to chip

Great for: Busy cooks or parents who don’t want to deal with extra cleaning

Finishes: Polished, honed and matte

Also consider: Granite


Quartzite offers the sleek, high-end look of marble and the durability of granite. It’s a great option for those seeking a strong, long-lasting natural stone surface that is also low-maintenance. Sealing is only required every 5-10 years, depending on the level of usage, and there’s no need to worry about scratching or etching. This natural, one-of-a-kind stone will stand out in any space.

Durability: Harder than granite, it withstands scratching and etching

Great for: All spaces, thanks to its hardness and durability

Finishes: Honed, polished, leathered and brushed

Also consider: Quartz, granite


This centuries-old stone offers a more rustic, utilitarian look often seen in farmhouse style kitchens. While soapstone scratches easily under heavy wear, its dense nature makes it heat resistant and impervious to weather and bacteria. Those considering soapstone should be ready to embrace its ever-changing nature as it develops a distinct patina over time and takes on a more aged look.

Durability: Softer than most materials, it is also pliable which makes it less brittle

Great for: Kitchen sinks and outdoor countertops

Finishes: Honed and leathered

Also consider: Granite


We have cultivated relationships with some of the largest vendors of specialty slabs in the world, giving you access to a vast selection of special high-end stone. Specialty offerings include semi-precious stones and ultra compact surfaces (UCS), including Dekton, Neolith or other man-made materials. Schedule a consultation to find one that is right for you.

Durability: Extremely durable and resistant to scratching, cracking and chipping

Great for: Kitchens, wall/vertical applications (due to its availability in thin dimensions) and other high-use areas

Finishes: Varies

Also consider: Quartz or quartzite

Limestone & Travertine

Limestone and travertine are earthy stones with a great texture that could be just what you need to achieve a light and airy feel. Colors range from coral and sandy beige to grayish blue. Shells and fossils of aquatic life can even be seen in some limestone slabs. These stones require some maintenance and are not as durable as granite or quartzite. Both materials are highly porous and therefore prone to staining.

Durability: While neither is extremely durable, limestone is more durable than travertine

Great for: Rooms needing more light

Finishes: Honed and polished

Also consider: Marble or soapstone


This beautiful gem-quality stone is almost translucent in appearance, giving it a truly unique look. When incorporated in homes, it is most commonly used for backsplashes and other accent spaces. While captivating in appearance, onyx is not a practical choice for countertops, as it chips and cracks easily and is also eroded by contact with acids and bases.

Durability: While beautiful, onyx is brittle and can chip and crack easily

Great for: Kitchen backsplashes, luxury spaces, backlit applications

Finishes: Polished and honed

Also consider: Travertine or quartzite

Attention to Detail

our planning process

We abide by strict processes to ensure no detail is overlooked. This starts with a 3D electronic template of the space, which we convert into construction documents for fabrication. This allows us to ensure that pieces are finished to fit specifically into your space.

Quality Craftsmanship

Experts in the shop

Our experienced craftsman understand the intricacies of each stone and project type. This allows them to predict challenges that will arise during the process and proactively address them. This means that pieces are templated, fabricated and installed properly the very first time.

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